Friday, March 2, 2012

Inspiring Words about Kroo Bay from Batik Instructor Mohamed Kamara

"I don’t want to say that they are the most difficult or the hardest students I have ever worked with in AEI programs, but I would rather say that they are the most traumatized kids I have worked with. Because they are used to living on the streets and engaging in prostitution, at first they didn’t understand the value of AEI programs. They were so desperate to make fast money, and so worried about how to survive, that they would hardly listen to what I would say. But with the help of Audrey Sanchez’s teacher leadership workshop, and my own approach having grown up in Kroo Bay, I’ve been able to encourage them. Together we have given them the hope and confidence that no matter what they can do better. I know now that these are exactly the kinds of young people who need our programs. I am so proud that my students now have the skills to make batik and earn a living with dignity instead of turning to prostitution. I have begun to achieve my goals. Thank you Sarah for helping me with my goals and report cards."